Independent Inspection Company

A competent person is someone who has sufficient technical and practical knowledge of lifting equipment, who is able to detect defects or weaknesses and can assess how significant those are for the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that the competent person should be sufficiently impartial and independent in order to make an objective assessment.

According to the law, it is not advisable to use the same person to perform routine maintenance and also carry out thorough examinations as, then they would essentially be assessing their own work. (Just like evaluating your own exam paper!) That is why it is important that the thorough examination is carried out by a third party who is impartial and independent.

Cloud Storage

Keeping records of the certificates is a requirement under the regulations. As a duty-holder you are required to keep the records for 2 years after they are issued. It is advisable to keep the reports in hardcopy and softcopy format. ELTI UK provides its customers with a cloud storage facility so that you have safe storage of your reports.

This service is provided without any extra charge. We store the reports for the requisite minimum of 2 years after issue. It remains the responsibility of the duty-holder to maintain the hard copy reports.


The main regulations governing thorough examination of lifting equipments are: